Kara Leanne Bayley xox

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I'm Kara, im 16 years old from the North west. I have a huge obsession with @Anticsdancecrew (go follow on twitter). Joe Priest = Hot, my future Boyfriend! one day i will meet you, so determined. 3/5 Follow me on Twitter and 2/5 follow me on Facebook :-D There from Birmingham and are an amazing Street dance crew watch there videos on youtube, search AnticsTv. Antics are a self taught, all-male street crew, who have been together for less than a year. The group started after Nathan and Jordan noticed fellow members Oscar and Joe practicing outside a supermarket. Their final member Matthew then joined the group! Love them all loads there amazing! Lifes cool if you smile more #Booyar

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no seriously I think I am actually in love it’s joe priest from antics

I’m 100% serious I will marry him

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